Gold Prices Rise After Brexit

We here at Windy City Jewelry & Loan regularly track trends in prices of precious metals such as gold and silver. Last week, gold prices saw a notable spike in response to world news. Gold is on track to have its best month since February, following a big rise in the wake of Britain's vote...
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Buy Musical Instruments in Evanston

Learning to play a musical instrument adds a unique dimension to anyone's life. Studies show that having a creative musical outlet helps reduce stress and gives your brain a good workout. So why doesn't everybody play a musical instrument? Well, two big reasons are time and money. We know finding the time can be tricky,...
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Buy a Bike In Evanston

After a long winter and a few teases of warmth throughout the spring, it seems that sunny weather is finally ours to enjoy. What better way to enjoy your time outside than riding a bike in the breeze. Bikes are great for leisure, transportation and exercise, so it just makes sense to own a good...
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